Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Magenta - Entity EP - BMR017 - OUT NOVEMBER 25th


Available worldwide November 25th 2009

Magenta - Entity
Magenta - Transformed
Magenta - Rancid
Magenta - Condemned
Magenta - The Warriors

Psychics who claim to be able to see a person’s aura would tell you that magenta is the colour of innovation and creativity. They’d be able to tell that just by listening to this release as well. Magenta is already recognised as a serious up and comer, and the tracks on Entity do nothing to dispel his potential supremacy. Anyone trying to psychically connect with this EP should be warned though, as the digital spirituality that they witness may corrupt their mind and transmute their perspective of reality.

We begin with the title track hovering to expose a futuristic skyline, and a sampled voice warning us: ‘What if you awoke with no memory? What if the world you knew was gone? What if you discovered you were not alone?’ Before you have a chance to contemplate the message, Magenta waylays you with frantic mind altering beats and psychic disturbance. ‘Transformed’ has already captivated praise as a highlight on the recent Betamorphosis Volume Three compilation, and here it is the overlord breathing even more strength into its silicon counterparts: ‘Rancid’ is digitally ethereal, and evokes haste as well as the slow process of anthropomorphic decay. Then ‘Condemned’ completes the judgement with a cybernetic consciousness that overwhelms the organic with the precision of artificial intelligence. Finally, the pulsating bass of ‘The Warriors’ is audible proof that the EP’s opening prophecy has come true, and the world now only exists in Magenta’s twisted digital construction.

The sinister electronic undertones do give this EP an ambience of calculated destruction, but it is also apparent that this is merely the manifestation of potent skills testing their powers. Where some beats are aggressive, others are playful and this gives Entity a dissident symmetry. This is mirrored in Magenta’s enigmatic personal touches, as well as the duelling interior and exterior worlds deployed in the tracks. By the end you may in fact wonder about your own reality. I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if a man in a long black leather jacket had turned up to offer me the choice between a blue pill and a red pill. My advice would be to take both and have an awesome time being absorbed by the sounds of Betamorph’s most unreal new talent.

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Monday, October 26, 2009




Available worldwide October 30th

Orien - Tension
Richie August - HardStep (Metaphase Rmx)
Mark Instinct - Sketchy Maxx (U Wot Ruckus & Roke Rmx)
Magenta - Transformed
Xian1 - EZ Dread Dub
Richie August - Dirty Waltz (ABZ Rmx)
Ruckus & Roke - Neverone
Organikismness - Hybrid
Wascal - Part Time Rudeboy
DZ & Sam XL - Munch

Since the first Betamorphosis compilation was released over 6 months ago, a lot has changed for this stateside Dubstep label. After a brief glance at this latest installment of their signature compilation, it appears that Betamorph are now definitely in a position to show off: the track listing reads somewhere between a police identity parade and a full on alien circus. Betamorphosis Volume Three is a cavalcade of sonorous and dirty subterranean sci-fi.

The compilation is bookended by legends: We open to a sly combination of melody and pressure in ‘Tension’, courtesy of Orien, already legendary from the Dub Police and Poizend Audio. Later, the truly epic finale is orchestrated by Sam XL and DZ through the pure white-knuckle friction of ‘Munch’. Centre stage however is shared by the up and coming Magenta with ‘Transformed’. This symbolic heart of the release features unapologetic kinesis interspersed with lucid dream vocals.

As well as selections from artists currently dominating the scene, the spotlight is also on remixes by Betamorph veterans. The face-melting Ruckus & Roke remix of Mark Instinct’s Sketchy Maxx is a club favourite, and guarding its back are two versions of the more choreographed Richie August tracks: Metaphase’s pulsating version of ‘Hard Step’ and ABZ’s perverse rendition of ‘Dirty Waltz’. The compilation’s chemistry between scene giants and newcomers is ample proof that Betamorph strives to birth new fables, as well as simultaneously being able to handle the Dubstep almighty.

Betamorph has garnered attention for the extraterrestrial imagery associated with each release, and Betamorphosis Volume Three confirms that it is not only a metaphorical trajectory of the label’s goals, but also a signifier of the keen atmospherics that have won their releases such praise in the scene. A full range of soundscapes are here to be absorbed, from Wascal’s playful bandit orchestrations, to Xian1’s curiously aloof apocalypse reggae and the unique swamp styled beats of Organikismness’ slippery ‘Hybrid’. The bass corrupting assortment on here is a credit to the innovative catalogue that Betamorph is devoted to building.

The theme of these compilations is growth and transformation, but rather than the gradual evolution shown on previous releases, this one highlights Betamorph’s final transmutation into one of the most prominent and respected purveyors of equally fine, equally intergalactic Dubstep. The tunes on here are a twisted alchemy of everything Betamorph has already accomplished, as well as an authoritative promise of what is coming soon.

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Betamorph Recordings - BMR014 - Metaphase - LAliens Vol 2


Betamorph Recordings


Available worldwide October 22nd

Metaphase - Xenolith
Metaphase - Quantum
Richie August - Hardstep (Metaphase RMX)
Mark Instinct - Sketchy Maxx (Metaphase RMX)
Stan G - Razorlight (Metaphase RMX)

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worldwide through Symphonic Distribution and available at
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


According to the Bible, the Nephilim were giant men born of the Sons ofGod and Daughters of Men. Since then the term has been watered down a tad, as you can now find it adorning the MySpace page of a progressive metal band. Thankfully for us (and anyone important who might be paying attention), the Dubstep partnership between Mesck (Zach Mellion) and Pound (Mark Evans) has also adopted the moniker. And now they have delivered an EP as powerful as the epic name implies, so we shouldn’t have to fear any Old Testament style wrath any time soon.

As expected, the sound is gigantic. Lisbon begins with an inquisitive static and builds with helicopter beats. We then land on an oneiric plane seemingly under attack from alien soundwaves. The remix provides an acerbic take on the original, as well as replacing the natural curiosity with a grand confidence that only Ekaj could bring. The EP is a mere two tracks, so as well as being huge it is also cunningly claustrophobic. Having the two versions placed back to back disconcertingly heightens this enclosed neurosis.

Nephilim have had to overcome many obstacles to reach this point, and this EP solidifies their reputation and confirms their right to name themselves alongside giants. Drawing influences from industrial, hip hop and even rare groove, Nephilim have created a unique sound that is simultaneously confined and colossal. Betamorph is synonymous with visionary and unearthly imagery, and this release feels explicitly extra terrestrial. At the same time though, it is purposely human. The offspring of two worlds, Nephilim are a proud addition to Betamorph’s collection of intergalactic Dubstep.

Betamorph Recordings


Nephilim - Lisbon
Nephilim - Lisbon (Ekaj Remix)
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Max Ohm - Filthy Sex Bass - July 09 promo

More filth from the Ohmster to your face plates! Much thanks to Teksteppa, Ceeker, Datsik, Zeno, Antiserum and Jaybird for Fresh dubs, get your freak on yall.
320Kb/s - Run Time 1:09:00

1. Teksteppa & Max Ohm - Sex Step
2. Jaybird - Hurt U So
3. Matt U - Free Me
4. Ceeker - Ritual
5. 16 Bit - Jump
6. Arson - Nuff a Dem Talk
7. Datsik - Gizmo
8. Teksteppa - Rave Culture (MK2 rmx)
9. Grademakers - Smokerz (Teksteppa rmx)
10. Vaski - Murder
11. Zeno & Chewie - On Point
12. Skism - The Blank
13. Trillbass - Snowcap
14. 16 Bit - Can You Show Me What Head Is
15. Reso - Beasts in the Basement
16. Tom Encore - Jig
17. Excision & Datsik - Boom
18. Matt U - Peyote
19. Messiah - Konflict (Dubstep Bootleg)
20. The Temper Trap - Science of Fear (Herve dub rmx)
21. Lee Mortimer & Foamo - It's Going Down
22. Propa Tingz - Babylon Scared (16bit rmx)
23. Lukki - Let the Bass Kick
24. Datsik & Downlink - War Against the Machines
25. Dublodocus (Teksteppa rmx)
26. Dubtek - Unearthed
27. Cookie Monsta - Fat Girl Rodeo
28. Datsik - Gecko
29. Kardinal Offishall - Belly Dancer (DZ rmx)
30. Dubstek - Western Sensimilla
31. Ceeker ft. Blackheart - Golden Rule
32. Symbl - Crumbs
33. 16 Bit - Cobra
34. Reso - Busted Crunk
35. Zeno - i'm On a Boat
36. OSC - Fallen Angel


Podomatic link: http://maxohm.podomatic.com/

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bringin' The Roke & Ruckus

Taken from: http://chromekids.blogspot.com/

If you have been looking closely enough you may have found some dangerously thumpin' Dubstep tunes from Ruckus & Roke hidden away in the depths of the blogosphere, doing major damage to anything they pass through. Just incase you haven't we've got a few scooped up in one hefty heap ready to squash your speakers.

Firstly over at Rub A Dub Dub we found a sick skanker in the shape of Screwface and ESP which is like a fairy with concrete boots as it tries to float off whilst being tied firmly to the depths.

Ruckus & Roke's forthcoming Neverone EP is due to drop September 1st on Betamorph who have just dropped this mix which includes a sneak preview of the title track.

Deej - Exogenesis - Dubstep Mix July 2009

Betamorph Recordings Mixes

Introducing.. Ruckus & Roke

Taken from: http://rub-a-dub-dubbb.blogspot.com/2009/07/introducing-ruckus-roke.html

These beats are Heavvvvvvy. Got speaking to Roke a while back and was well impressed with the dubs he was blasting out with Ruckus. They have been kind enough to give us two exclusives to share with you lot, and these tracks are not to be messed with. Some seriously fucking good skanky business, that will make your ears prick up like a paranoid dubstep dog.

Ruckus & Roke have only been locking it down in the studio since March, but are already making waves in the dubstep scene with their recent remix of Marc Instincts, 'Sketchy Maxx' forthcoming on Betamorph recordngs. Listen out for their tracks Zombie Dawn, and Thunda Chunda currently being rinsed by the likes of Akira Kiteshi and Komonazmuk.

If theres any artists you should be keeping a look out for this year, its Ruckus & Roke. Now, enough of the chit chat, here's the tunes. Straight up head banging bizness!